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Please note that the prices below are a starting point and that I rely heavily on your description of what you want when giving quotes. Make sure you read my TOS and Process (just below) before requesting a quote.

Tabletop Game Miniatures: Starting at $55

- Painted at Tabletop Quality Plus

- Starting price for 28/32mm figures

- Basic Basing included

*Example below*

Display Miniatures: Starting at $100

- Highest quality I can paint

- Starting price for (1) 28mm/32mm figure

- Detailed base/scene

*Example to the left*

Bust Display Miniatures: Starting at $130

- Highest quality I can paint

- Basic plinth included

- Price is largely based on how detailed the bust is

Some possible add-ons for additional costs:

- Non-metallic metal (or other advanced techniques)

- Removeable display base for Tabletop Miniatures

- Larger diorama pieces

- Specialty Supplies (resin, fluorescent paints, etc.)

- Rushed Services (need to contact me first)


Terms of Service

1. All communication will be done through email and all payments will go through PayPal.

2. Invoice must be paid in full before I will ship the finished product to you.

3. I will do my best to keep you up to date on the progress of your commission.

4. I do NOT accept refunds. However, if there are issues with the finished product, I don't mind working something out.

5. For anything you do not specifically request, I will take artistic liberty, while doing my best to meet your vision.

The Process

1. You contact me about what you are looking for. I will send you a quote. The quote is made up of how much time and resources I think your project is going to take. A bulk majority of the quote is paying for my time. You accept the quote.

2. Anything that needs to be purchased (or shipped) will be done after accepting the quote. If specialty supplies or models are required for the commission, you will need to pay those costs up front. Once I have everything for your commission, I will begin.

3. Work on the commission. I do my best to keep you updated, mostly sending WIP pictures via email at the end of a work session. This is your opportunity to give feedback on anything that I have finished. If I don't receive feedback, I'll assume you are happy with where the project is at, and continue.

4. Upon completion, I will send you the final images of the commission. I do my best to accurately represent every aspect of the project, but please know that some color variation may occur when viewing the model in person. You will need to let me know if there is anything major you want changed or fixed. I will not do minor fixes (like changing the color of something) without additional cost. Once you're happy with the commission, I will send you the final invoice with taxes and shipping costs.

5. Invoice is paid in full and your project gets shipped out on the next available weekday (Monday-Friday). Packages are shipped via USPS Priority and packed with the utmost care so that your commission arrives in good condition. 

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