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Brush Holder Rocky

Project Log #02 - Complete!

Model designed by Reaper Miniatures

*This model is from their Bones V Kickstarter. It is not yet available on the website at the time of I made this post*

Products used:

General Supplies:


Hey, hi, hello, and happy timezone!

I should be careful about posting too soon, but meh. No time like the present and all that jazz. I decided to work on another fast project, and again, I was aiming for speed painting! Why? I don't know, just to try and paint more of my Shelf of Inspiration I guess. Anyway, I have determined that I am not a speed paint type of person, and that is okay! There is no one way or correct way to express yourself through art, and I have to remind myself of that from time to time. If we forget about that, then we end up losing our hobbies. And right now, I am just trying to find my way back to something that has brought me so much peace in my life. Okay! Let's get into it; I even have WIP pictures this time!

This is how this guy started out. I haven't started from a fully black primer is a long time (like, since I got into the hobby almost 3 years ago), and I may have to start going back to just black? I'm not sure. Most of the stuff that's on my shelf right now is all zenithal primed, mostly because of having special lighting. You can also see the products in the background. I took this picture to post to my instagram as just a preview of what I was currently working on, so I included the products as well. I am trying a new thing before I start projects and finish projects to try and maintain a clean workspace. We'll see how long I can keep that going. Anyway, I ended up not using several of the products that were in this picture, but you can see the palette that I was planning on working with.

At this point, I was liking where things were going. I had finished all the accept bits, the teal and yellow-green bits. I had to step away from my desk to start making dinner, so I hadn't gotten to the purple to finish up what I had started. For speed painting, or faster painting, I tend to follow the same formula; build up colors from my shadow color (layering brighter colors on top), add a wash that closely matches the colors I'm working with to help bring the colors together better, and then apply extra layers of highlight after I put the wash on. I have found that this helps not only to give my base colors and shadows a more uniform look, but it also makes my shadows appear nicer than just using a solid black. At this point, I just hadn't worked on layering up the new purple highlights.

I wasn't able to get another WIP picture, since I basically just dived in once my little goblin had gone off to bed. I had begun working on the scales, using bone colors, and I was NOT happy at all with how it was looking. I wish I had gotten a before and after picture. I was a little frustrated because I really liked how the rest of Rocky looked, but the scales were just coming out this ugly muddy yellow color. So I kept slapping paint onto the scales until I got a nice looking bright yellow-green color! Sometimes, mistakes happen in painting. I find that trying to fix them is the better first option because worst case, you have to strip and restart (I don't recommend this btw....). At that point, you are no worse off than you are now, so might as well try and fix whatever problem you are having so that going forward, you can take that new knowledge to another project.

Okay, so I had this idea in my head from the moment I saw this model on the Kickstarter. Three words; Giant Treasure Pile! I had attempted to add a wash to the Satin Mod Podge, but the color didn't stick to the glitter. I started off with a somewhat runny mixture of Mod Podge and gold glitter, wanting to build up that base and for ease of putting the glitter on the base. Then I made a second mixture that had way less Mod Podge than the first layer. This is what gave me more of a chucky, coin look rather than just a layer of gold, if that makes sense. Of course, I had to have the gold overflowing. Did I use too much glitter? Maybe, but I felt Rocky needed a lot of gold. He is a working dragon after all. Before all the glue had set, I made sure to add in some rhinestones to the pile as well, because well, he's a dragon. Need I say more?

In the end, I really like how everything came together, and the gold pile (while over the top by some standers) makes me really happy to look at. Squirrel brain saying shiny? Quite possibly, but it's fun. It's whimsical. Isn't that what art is supposed to be? Anyway, I hope you like this fun little piece I created. I'm a little lost on what I am planning on working on next, but I'm sure it will be a Kingdom Death game piece. Stick around to find out! Until next time...

Happy Creating!

- Ren

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