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Mermaid in a Bucket

Project Log #01 - Complete!

Model designed by Great Grimoire

Printed on an ELEGOO Saturn

Products used:

General Supplies:

Random Paints:

Technical Paints:



This is a little weird to be writing a blog post, so hopefully in the future my text won't sound so weird. I am mainly creating these project log posts for myself to come back to. I'm not so great at keep records of which paints that I use for certain projects, and that can bug me sometimes when it comes up. Hence creating these project logs! In the future, I would like to include a range of WIP pictures to the project logs. However, that doesn't work out well with speed paint projects, like this one. For now, the gallery of the finished product are going to have to be enough.

I have had this model printed for a little while, but she ended up in the back of the Shelf of Inspiration and I was sort of lost with what to do with her. Coming out of a hiatus from painting due to mental illness, I have been struggling with anxiety to get back into painting. It seems like I can build bases with no issues, but when it comes to painting... Pft! It feels like I've started over in terms of my confidence. I'm not confident with my brush strokes, not confident with my color choices, etc. So, my lovely husband after listening to my struggles, suggested that I just grab something and paint it. No expectations, just to paint before I gear up to work on my largest project to date (painting the Kingdom Death Core Box + other KDM figures).

And that's how I ended up painting this model! However, what was supposed to be a quick project, turned into a 5+ hour project that turned out better than I was expecting! I'm really happy with how the end result came out. After forgetting that this was supposed to be a speed paint, my goal was to create a piece that was beautiful, but also tragic. In the scene, we clearly see this vibrant mermaid that is almost lifeless as well. She's hurt, chained to a bucket that barely has any water in it, and the ground around her is filthy.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed the process of this project and am happy with how it ended up turning out. I'm not sure what my next project will be, but I have a few ideas. Until next time...

Happy Creating!

- Ren

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